Grant Info

Grant Deadlines and Timescales

All grant applications come in the first instance to the Grants Manager, whose role is to manage the grant schemes.

If projects are eligible the Grants Advisory Panel, made up of independent members from throughout the county, then assess them at area level. Their recommendations are then taken to the Trust.

The Trustees meet three times a year.  If you are successful in obtaining a grant, your project will be registered by ourselves with Entrust (the government regulator). Then  a formal offer letter will be issued with the relevant paperwork.  You will also be notified if the project has not been successful.  Notification will be within 3 working weeks of the Trustees meeting.
Once the grant acceptance form has been received work can commence on the project. Grant payments are paid on completion of the project. Please note we cannot retrospectively fund projects.

All application forms to be
submitted to CWMET office by ...
Projects scored and proposed
amounts allocated by ...
Awards accepted/declined and notification letters
forwarded within 15 working days of meeting ...
Tuesday 8th January 2019 Thursday 21st February 2019 Thursday 14th March 2019
Tuesday 7th May 2019 Thursday 13th June 2019 Thursday 11th July 2019
Tuesday 3rd September 2019 Thursday 17th October 2019 Thursday 21st November 2019

Please note work cannot commence on the project until a formal offer letter has been issued and your acceptance returned. Formal offer letters will not be issued until after the relevant Trustees meeting and following formal registration of the project. Retrospective payments cannot be made.